Teleworking is a growing trend in today's competitive business world - and for good reason. Research shows that teleworking can save a company close to $10,000 a year per employee in reduced absenteeism and job turnover, and an additional $3,000 a year in real-estate and operating costs. The average daily savings in commute time is 53 minutes - or close to six weeks a year! And teleworkers are typically happier, healthier and more productive than their office-bound counterparts.

The new Mitel Teleworker Solution directly addresses the needs of the growing Teleworker market. It is a simple, scalable and secure solution for remote and home-based employees. With the Teleworker Solution, teleworking is now as easy as taking home a phone and plugging it in! The Teleworker Solution is a breeze to implement using the most common residential and business broadband services.

The simplicity, scalability and encryption-based security of the Teleworker Solution make it ideal for a wide variety of users, including:
  • Remote or home-based employees who require seamless access to the corporate voice network
  • Business owners and managers who want the flexibility to work remotely with full access to voice mail, conferencing and other features of the office phone system
  • Day-extenders - employees who regularly take work home with them or whose jobs require that they be accessible outside regular business hours
  • Employees who are required to work from home temporarily because of illness, parental responsibilities, etc.
  • Companies wishing to reduce real-estate expenses, take advantage of lower labor costs in an alternate location and/or improve employee satisfaction
  • Companies wishing to reduce long-distance charges to and from remote branch offices and telecommuting employees.
"PCNT gave us a system that allowed our remote workforce to work 'just as connected' as if they were working down the hall. It was amazing. It instantly created immediacy and accountability"
Suzanne Gueydan
Teleworking will make you
more productive- seamlessly!
Teleworkers save you money by becoming a seamless but accountable workforce.
Your phone system can give you more freedom AND more accountability!
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