"...without a doubt the
Peninsula Communications'
team is the most
straightforward and reliable
group of communications
experts in the business"
Karl Hansen
The Vita Companies
We promise you customer based solutions every time!
Make sure your system is right for your company!
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In this competitive market, you need people who can really help.
When buying and installing complex business communications solutions, clients rightfully fear paying for many things they don't need - or things they DO need but won't work the way they want them to!

With Peninsula Communications, you get only what you need, and it works - guaranteed!

We are not your typical communications vendor. Here are a few key points to help you understand us:

  • We don't install and run
  • We don't have any professional sales people
  • We answer our phones and you talk with familiar people
  • We are always YOUR advocate
  • We make real commitments, not promises
  • We strive and intend to have you as a customer for life

Proven Methodology

Our certified engineers and consultants make it a point to understand your unique and specific business goals in order to provide clear, unbiased recommendations and help lower the total cost of ownership.

After we identify your goals and any problem areas, we architect and design a detailed technical solution, document and engineer the plan, implement all phases, test and provide ongoing support. This is our time-tested methodology that works every time.

Call (408) 541-2001 to get a free appraisal of how your phone system can do a better job for you!